NOS New Old Stock Parts

The term NOS comes from the words new + old + stock. These are parts or accessories that were manufactured in the past (old) that were never used and are being sold now as new.

There are OEM ( original equipment manufacturer) inventories as well as aftermarket replacement inventories. Purists in restoration projects only consider OEM parts to be NOS. This is mostly semantics as long as a product is being sold under the proper brand.

We sell NOS Powersport Parts from many manufacturers, both OEM and aftermarket. Ours products are named (Brand) properly whenever possible.


NOS Depot does not warranty or guarantee any of our items. These items may or may not have some original warranties or guarantees from the manufacturer we do not have knowledge of. Our purchasing methods do not include any conditions, it is the nature of surplus and obsolete parts that it is commonplace not to have any warranty or guarantee. Age is another factor when dealing with NOS Powersport Parts, you just cannot assume because the part has never been used that it will perform as intended, inspection of the part is more important.

Electrical items especially have no warranty as they can easily be damaged if not installed properly in a system that has been tested for other defects. Items such as gaskets and seals can shrink or lose the ability to seal as when they were new. Rubber for instance has a eight year shelf life, but neoprene lasts longer. Plastic parts can degrade in strength and color. Most metal parts will always be in good condition even when showing light corrosion.

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