Rowe Cast Iron Harley Evolution 1984 -1999 Intake Guide 5184-01


Rowe part number 5184-01 .001″ oversize O.D.

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Quality Rowe -Pro honed cast iron valve guide. Evolution 1984 -1999
Rowe part number 5184-01 .001″ oversize O.D. Harley Davidson part number 18130-83C
Harley Davidson has one part number for Evolution guides that covers intake and exhaust, Rowe made “intake” guides and exhaust. Usually the valve to guide clearance was in the diameter of the valve.Rowe added .0005 to the I.D. of the exhaust guide.

O.D. .5630
I.D. .3111
Top 0.420
Length 2.40
Seal 4285

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